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April 21st, 2013, 10:13 PM
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Its time for another confession thread, for the only reason that I have something to confess ha.

So after church we went to lunch at Pizza Hut. It was a Pizza Hut with a eat in area, we were with friends from church. Anyways I had a craving for cheese sticks so Kyle ordered our food and my cheese sticks. Well the pizza came no cheese sticks, she said they were almost done and would bring them right out. Well we practically finish lunch and Kyle goes up to the register because they are still not out. He asked and the lady said she is sorry she forgot to even put them in. Our friends needed to get going and we waited and waited. Finally we were given a box and they were cheese breadsticks. I was furious! So we walked up and she said oh sorry I guess I can make the others but they take 5 minutes. I did not want to wait anymore so we left. I started crying. I only ate 1'piece of pizza because I was craving the cheese sticks. I wrote a nasty email to Pizza Hut. /end rant!

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