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April 22nd, 2013, 05:23 AM
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not so much a confession but i hear you on the lack of customer service-

i was at target the other day to make a 'mini registry' of just a few items i still need for baby. we go up to the kiosk to sign in and my email/password would NOT work. well i couldnt remember my p/w and when i finally did it told me they were doing updates so i'd have to check my email for further instructions (meaning i'd have to go home, check email, and come back) um no thanks. so dh tried signing in...same thing. omG i was so frustrated. so finally we went over to customer service and explained the situation and the lady was like 'oh sorry yeah there's nothing i can do for you.' oh wow thanks. i was practically in tears. so long story short, we went to babies r us and did our registry there. sorry target, but there was just nothing i could do ;-)
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