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April 22nd, 2013, 09:10 AM
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I know I have seen that there are a couple of other ladies on here who run their own businesses. I was wondering who else has had a really hard time finding good people to hire and if anyone has any tips. I have spent more than a year building my business and client base. There has been a lot of sacrifice, work, and financial investment involved. I am having trouble finding someone to hire because I have to have someone with very specific credentials to be able to bill the insurance company for the work. People with these credentials are in low supply and high demand. I had one person who would have been perfect all lined up and then she decided she needed to take a step back from working b/c she was about to start fertility treatments. She is a definite possibility in a year or so, but not right now. I have found someone else that I was ready to hire, but when we got into the contract negotiation, I found that her demands are insane. She wants to "work for me" but she wants all of the money for the clients that I have put in time and money to find for her while I also do the billing and paperwork for essentially nothing. She has no idea what goes into building and running a company and yet wants to tell me what she has to have. I have told her several times that I have made her the best offer she is going to get and to take it or leave it. She insists it is not good enough because she would have to drive about an hour each way. Sorry, but I drive far, too and, in the past, I have driven further for a lot less money when I worked for other companies. My offer is really competitive.

I am definitely not giving in to her b/c I'm not going to set the precedent of having an employee push me around, which she is clearly trying to do. I think she thinks she has me over a barrel since I am pregnant. But I will go back to work a couple of weeks after giving birth if I absolutely have to before I turn everything I have worked for over to someone else. But I was wondering if any of you more seasoned business women have any advice on how to approach future negotiations and/or any suggestions on where to find qualified applicants. I am trolling LinkedIn groups like crazy already.
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