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April 22nd, 2013, 11:29 AM
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I don't know whats worse, being a crazy b*tch or knowing you are being a crazy b*tch.

With PMS you only feel righteous or justified in your hormonal imbalance. With pregnancy, I am only far too aware that my bouts of tears and anger are due the baby.

Yes, I am crying because you ate the rest of the potato salad, I don't care if its been sitting in the fridge for 4 days and didn't have my name on it! It was mine da mn it and you obviously hate me and are hatching a diabolical plan to pick apart my sanity one spud at a time.

You love my belly? Are you calling me fat!!!??? I'm a cow. I'm a big round hippo and I have to lean backwards when I walk or I'll fall over.

I'm pretty? What is your ulterior motive? I am in sweats, your tshirt, no bra, my hair is untamed and I'm not ever sure if I've brushed my teeth yet. You MUST be wanting something from me. Maybe you did something wrong and now you feel guilty about it. OH MY are cheating on me. Pack your sh*t and GTFO.

I'm no longer fit to be among the rest of society. I'm a ticking bomb of over-sensitivity and vulnerability.

I have 56 days til the c-section to go. Unless she decides to come earlier. Please....I need prayers....send them.


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