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April 22nd, 2013, 12:00 PM
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1. The color of your spirit and why its that color. Honestly I see it as either a blue or a purple... No rhyme or reason really other than that's what I envision when I think about spirit.

2. How you see your it strong, weak, somewhere in the middle, growing, shrinking, etc. It's somewhere in the middle for me but can be stronger or weaker depending on the day.

3. How you feel about the world. The world is a tough place. It's raw and unfeeling most of the time due to human influence but can be SO beautiful when people have compassion for other things/beings.

4. What you think of nature. I think nature is beautiful in every aspect. It's hard to see the beauty sometimes but it's there.

5. How you feel about your family...all members. I generally love my family. There are some members that make it really difficult to like due to their actions and how much harassment they bring to the table.
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