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April 22nd, 2013, 12:46 PM
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I haven't scheduled any appointments yet, ultrasound or initial visit. I am just really nervous to be honest. With my past four pregnancies, I have scheduled appt only to start bleeding the day of or the day superstition is playing a role here. I did just speak to my midwife and she said there is no real need for an ultrasound unless I see bleeding and nothing will be very conclusive before 7weeks. It would be merely for my own information and it may not be accurate. That is way to stressful to me right now. She said my numbers looked this point in my last pregnancy, my first beta at 4w was 196 and the second at 4w2d was 559. Still good but she said actually on the low end. The range at 3-4 weeks is actually 50 - 8000! She said I was at a perfect range...not too high and not too low....and yes she mentioned that the doubling rate was the key factor and since that is doubling at a rate of 1.2 days, she touched upon the word "twins" she also said corpous luteum cysts could cause that too....but my i have nothing to suggest that at this point, like pain. So it will be a waiting game to see how this goes. So far so good....actually very good as i was just told!
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