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April 22nd, 2013, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by SierraWinter View Post
Ok I'm a first-timer here. Please explain, how to breastpumps effect the boobies?
Best way I can explain is if you or someone you know has ever lost a significant amount of weight and you've seen the way their skin responds to it, it kinda sags... that is what your boobs do after the milk is gone from them... now the pump thing is only my oppinion, but after my first one was born I only used a pump a few times and hated it and just breastfed, after he was done there was a big difference in the firmness and perkiness in my breasts but it was ok...
after my second one was born we had latch issues and I pumped exclusively for 7 months before giving up because as I mentioned before I hated the pump (even though the pump I had was much nicer than the one I had for my first baby)but all that was to say that the pump puts a totally different kind of pressure and sucking on your breasts, and I just felt like after using it and then quiting my breast tissue that would have been still sort of firm was also loose and more saggy... One of my friends pumped exclusively for her first baby and breastfed her second successfully (so opposite of me) and she said the same thing... that the pump seemed to do more damage to the tissue than did the baby.
Pumps are awesome if you must use them, but if you don't need it (i.e. stay at home mama) then I don't recomend them... BUT either way, most of the damage to your breasts is already done just because you are pregnant... sorry....
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