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April 22nd, 2013, 01:30 PM
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thanks everyone!
I totally forgot to give the midwife a check today... so she is 'hired' but as of yet unpaid the portion she is due.. oops!
The appointment went great, her apprentice started trying to find my uterus to get the heartbeat and was having a really hard time so she asked for help from the midwife who found it really quickly about 3 inches higher than either of them thought it would be... they told me not to freak out, but I'm really wondering why it is so high.. I remember it being this high with my daughter but not when I noticed it that high so I'm going to look it up.. anyway... details.. baby's heart beat was 167! they didn't look for a second one, but they are going to schedule me the U/S so I'll find out eventually if I've got one or for now I'm just really excited to have heard the baby!
On a side note, my two year old daughter was (and my 4 year old son) with me and she started to cry while they were looking for babies heart beat, my husband had to hold her to calm her down, she thought they were hurting me... sweet girl! But they were all really excited to hear the babies heart, and after it was all done Fia (my daughter) lifted her shirt and was telling me about her belly (she doesn't speak very clearly yet), she is so confused... and it is adorable!
One other thing is they had me pee on a stick, I've never done that before, I mean I've pee'd in a cup and I assume the doctor dipped a stick in it, but this was different, and I had to match the colors with the container and two of them were abnormal, there was a trace of protein in my urine, and I scored a ++ on some other one that basically could mean I have a UTI... ugh... midwife said to just keep an eye on myself and watch for symptoms and get some cranberry juice or pills to take in the mean time, but because it wasn't a 'clean catch' it may have been inaccurate...
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