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April 22nd, 2013, 06:23 PM
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I just found out I'm pregnant yesterday. It was not planned, but I am excited. I'm 33 and have always wanted kids. It is very early on as my period was only a day late yesterday. I took an hpt because I just felt pregnant.
Since it was not planned I am still on medications I figured I would have talked to my shrink about before trying to get pregnant. Cymbalta for depression/anxiety; Lamictal for bi-polar; and Welbutrin for ADD. My shrink is out of town until Monday (1 week from now). All these medications are Class C for pregnancy. Is it safe to continue taking them until I am able to talk to my shrink? I know it is not a good idea to just stop taking them on my own. Any experience or advice would be appreciated, Thanks!
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