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April 22nd, 2013, 06:29 PM
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Name: Robin
Age: 28
Kids/Ages: Ellie (4.9 yrs old) Garrett (3.3 yrs old) and Blaine (18 mos old)
DH/SO/age: Logan (26)
what are your hobbies: Scrapbooking, sewing, outdoorsy stuff
did you ever work outside the home: Not as a parent.. Before I had kids I worked in a warehouse both in the office and out on the floor driving a forklift. Before that I worked at Walmart..
do you like to read: N/A lol
where do you live (you do not have to specify city if you do not want to): BFE Arizona! Lol only have a bar/trailer park/church/water co/fire dept and library here... 45 mins to a real town.
do you plan on having anymore kids: Im so on the fence on this.. Im like 97% done but there are those 3% of me that wants another....
do you have any pets: 3 dogs..

Pictures if you want to share them you do not have to:

Favorite color- Blues
Fav TV show- ATM I love Celebrity Apprentice, Dance Moms, CSI Las Vegas, Hawaii-50, and a few others.. lol
Screen Name- My name x2 kids.. Of course that was when I was pregnant or before I got pregnant with Blaine..
Can you play a musical instrument? Nope
Eye Color- brown
Favorite season- Summer

My question- What kind of vehicle do you drive?
My answer- 07 Chevy Suburban and I love it

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