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April 22nd, 2013, 08:37 PM
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1. The color of your spirit and why its that color. Yellow. Yellow is the color of life and smiles. Yellow has a scent in my mind, it smells like an open field. Like the breeze. It's just a pure color.
2. How you see your it strong, weak, somewhere in the middle, growing, shrinking, etc. I would say it's in the middle. It can be a high and it can be in a low. It's constantly changing.
3. How you feel about the world. The world is full of beauty and pain. I think that the pain and struggle people have everyday show more then the beauty within it. That really makes me sad. I also feel like most do not respect the world.
4. What you think of nature. Nature is simply beautiful. The air we breathe is even nature and without it there would be no human life as we know it. Nature is amazing.
5. How you feel about your family...all members. I have a love / hate relationship with my family. They can be difficult to get along with for the simple fact that I am different. They are stubborn and stuck in their ways. My immediate family I adore. They drive me insane, but I love them.

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