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April 23rd, 2013, 07:03 AM
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Well I spoke too soon. I got an + opk at round 4am. Good thing we bd 4 hours b4 that. Funny thing I remember reading something bout visualizing the egg popping out. Relax your mind and think happy thoughts. I did just that as I was laying there. Then my side started hurting, so I started thinking positives stronger and imagining an egg ready for fertilization. I grabbed an opk as soon as I had to pee cuz the o pain was a ill stronger. I still wasn't sure I would get an + but was happy when I saw it. I would have bd but my Minnie was a ill sore. I'm going to get a session in a few hours. I have been thinking + thoughts all morning. Except when I was waken by my niece who is a spoiled ill girl but I'm not going there + thoughts right? I am not having any o pains now I am thinking the egg has popped n ready for some fertilization. I'm thinking bout doing pineapple this cycle. Dh won't be happy bout that. Lol that means he had to chop chop lol. Love that man. I'm going to take another opk when I have to go. I wonder if there is still a surge left. I doubt it. Idk I'm really hopeful this cycle. He hasn't been home during ovulation in a while so I'm thinking + thoughts! I'm really praying for a 2014 baby. Well ttyl

Well I have taken 2 more opk's n they are still + to my surprise. This is going to b a long surge. I haven't DDT with Dh cuz my Minnie is still sore but I'm going to bite the bullet n take one for the team. I am using baking soda this time. I read that sometimes our ph balance can effect the lively hood of the sperm even kill r weaken it so I douched with water n baking soda 2 hours b4 dtd. I also read someone mixed a tiny bit with there preseed n after 18 months she finally conceived her rainbow baby. Which is a boy now. I also said that this 2 ww I'm going to watch my blood sugar. I lost 10 lbs so far n pray that if I keep watching what I eat the weight will continue to fall off. I'm also still thinking + thoughts. I wanna do acupuncture again but to drive so far idt I can do it. Ugh well ttyl

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