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April 23rd, 2013, 08:28 AM
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Lol, I know - I think that if you gave out a survey with gendered items on it to the pumpkins vs pirates/pixies crowd, the pumpkins would vote similarly and the pirates/pixies would vote similarly.

My mom was telling me that when I was little, she dressed me in a dress one easter, and let me pick the hat and shoes. I picked Chucks and a baseball hat. Another time when my aunt was watching me while my mom had gallbladder surgery, she dressed me in a dress and had my hairs in bows and braids, and I looked unhappy. She took out all my bows and messed my hair all up and I was happy again. I'm still the same way - I think I have an inner pirate I have a bunch of pirate dress up gear in a box ready for niece visits/baby arrival already!

We could just pick the "loser", fall wonderland, and be done with it? I wouldn't care if pumpkins won, but I would think it was very generic.

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