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April 23rd, 2013, 09:02 AM
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The biggest things are breathing, and a good person to do some back pressure point massage. I made it two days in delayed labor with real contractions but no dilation, then finally got to 4cm so the hospital agreed to admit me. I was 42 weeks at that point, refusing induction. A few hours of hard contractions, sleep deprivation from days of laboring at home, and no progression past 4cm, I allowed pitocin due to concerns for lack of progression + baby heartrate. I made it about 8 hours on the highest possible pitocin levels (as determined by staff measuring the strength of my contractions), still with no pain meds. It was tough, but breathing and staying calm allowed me to maintain my sanity. I ended up needing a epidural for medical reasons, and I was sobbing as I gave in.

I'd been in labor for so long, and on pitocin for 8 hours, and I couldn't get past 9cm. We had meconium and heart rate issues, so the docs wanted to prep for a C-section. They theorized that an epidural would relax my muscles to allow me to completely dilate. It worked!

I know I could have made it naturally though, if my body would have cooperated. The pain wasn't that bad if you can just breath through it and realize that a contraction only lasts about a minute.
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