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April 23rd, 2013, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Laurenj915 View Post
Very very planned in the fact that we tried and tried to get pregnant (IVF Sawyer and starting down that road with this one). But a HUGE SUPRISE that we got pregnant completely on our own weeks before we were to restart fertility meds!
That's so sweet! Put that dough in a fun fund

Christine, don't forget to share!

DH and I had decided we would welcome a new addition last summer.. I stopped taking birth control in mid-June and we just went about our business as usual. He travels a lot and I found that if I plugged the dates of my periods into online calculator, we kept missing the important days that could potentially be O days. I was finding that coming down from years and years of hormonal birth control was making my body go nuts, so I was disappointed (but not surprised) that between travel and hormones, I wasn't getting knocked up faster. So around Christmas time, after AF arrived on Christmas day (lovely! haha) I said, let's just bone every day this month and see how that goes? I can't bother to figure out what day I'm ovulating so we just went for it. It was a very fun month, we went on vacation, and when I got back I was pregnant! So I think that the moral of the story is do it lots!

Also I'm glad it worked out like this - stretching the care/birth into TWO years would be horrrrribbllee for our deducible. Thank you, timely little baby!!
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