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April 23rd, 2013, 10:18 AM
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This one is kinda in between everything. It wasn't super planned or surprised but not trying not preventing either. Last Feb I found out I was pregnant and ended up having a chemical pregnancy an lost the baby around 6 weeks. Then from their my body went super crazy like 80 something days past the loss still no AF so I went on provera to start it. After taking that an having AF same thing waited another 90 days no AF so I did provera again. Then another month went by an no AF so I started BC to see if it would help regulate things. I stayed on that a couple of months and stopped taking it. An I can remember I had in January I guess what some ppl call it EWCM or whatever never really noticed it before an well hubby was busy at work an we didn't have much free time so I think we DTD a few days after that and I ended up pg! So a little bit of all of them is how this baby came about I suppose
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