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April 23rd, 2013, 10:42 AM
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That is why I stopped taking it. I bled constantly for almost 3 months until I threw the towel in. My obgyn put me on a regular bc pill and just had me skip the placebos and go a few months without a period. It was much better that way.

Since we're venting on the subject, I'll say that this time I'm having trouble with the same thing. I asked to be put on the mini-pill because when I am on full strength BC I get really depressed. Last time I had to be on Pristique to deal with it. I wanted to avoid that this time so I figured the mini pills' lower hormone dose wouldn't mess with me as much. Well, now of course I've been bleeding most of the month and my period is still a week away This sucks so bad! So what is worse? Being on an antidepressant or bleeding all the time?

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