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April 23rd, 2013, 11:29 AM
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Surprise but planned!
We decided we wanted to try for kids in November and we would stop trying in January since I wanted him there for at least the first three months.
Well nothing was happening and honestly I was getting depressed - I know it takes a while, but we had really be NTNP since July when we got married and my period is naturally every 3 - 4 months apart.
So January came, no AF since end of October and I went to the doctor to talk about hormonal issues about getting pregnant. I still wanted a baby, but DH wanted to stop since we had agreed we would stop trying.
Well a week later I was super sleepy and started to nap on the couch and got a call from the doctors !
It's really a surprise baby since we know it happened on exactly the last day before DH left for a month long (turned into 2 weeks) training camp!
Excuse me if my typing is bad There's probably a baby in my arms.
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