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April 23rd, 2013, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by QueenCrafty View Post
I ate doughnuts for dinner last night. It was a long afternoon at my oldest's dance competition and a long drive. My youngest wouldn't stop jabbering (Mommy a cow! Two cows! Three cows! Three cows mommy! Mommy, I said three cows! Mama did you see the cows? There are three! Oh for the love of all that is holy child I saw the cows). We stopped at McDonalds for the girls but I pitched a hissy fit about hating everything about McDonalds. DH was trying to appease me when we passed a Krispy Kreme with the Hot and Now sign lit up. DH pulled in, picked up two dozen, and I immediately ate 3. Best dinner ever... and breakfast this morning..... and dessert tonight
OMG! One, I just seriously died laughing at your conversation with your youngest....that is how almost every conversation I have with my 3 year old goes these days. And it gets worse the longer I take to respond lol!

And two, your husband is awesome! I practically had to beg mine to stop at KK after I've been craving them for practically my entire pregnancy and then he nagged about how many I was going to get, so I limited it to just 6 -- one of which he ate, and one of which my child ate!

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