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April 23rd, 2013, 03:06 PM
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My youngest is still in my room with me and probably willl be for a while. DH snores something awful, so we haven't shared a bedroom in years. The two other boys share a room, so our house is maxed out. Once the baby gets older we'll have to add on to make room, but for now I think I'll have the baby and the almost 2 year old in with me. I kinda get a bit sad that I can't decorate a cute room for the baby and that I never did that with my last one either. Anyone else like this, just maxed out on space? Any cute ideas???

For me, I'll have the 2 year old in his crib, even though he is in with me most nights now. The baby will cosleep with me. I may be able to rearrange my room to have a "baby area" and that can be decorated... I don't know.. I just wish our house was bigger.
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