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April 23rd, 2013, 03:38 PM
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Based on your suggestions I had a lot of really lovely cribs to look at and I think that for my back up crib (if Ikea doesn't get the sundvik back soon enough) I'm going to go with the Jenny Lind crib, which is a nice vintage inspired crib design. It's a good contrast with the modern crib I have/had picked out from Ikea. I'm impatient though and I can buy Jenny Lind NOW, whereas Ikea's crib is a ? - could come back tomorrow, could come back in 10 months.

Anyway, based on what I have going on in the room so far in these inspiration boards, which crib do you prefer in the space? For reference, I'm also going to post a VERY OLD picture of the room (pics taken when we were looking at the house - just to show the built ins/windows) and another to show the new colors but it's messy, sorry)

the built ins are painted white gloss.

Jenny Lind:


@ Jennyrae I'm going to do one for you tomorrow! Even if just for fun
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