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April 23rd, 2013, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Jinnah View Post
Awesome! I didn't know anyone else here homeschooled. Also curious in if there are others.

What curriculum do you use?
I would say we are have become VERY eclectic over the years. I wish I could just use a "canned" curriculum but my children are all so different in their academics that we have used so many. I just bought a bunch of Bob Jones grammar. They redid a ton of their children's workbooks and its so much nicer. I also have always used Sing,Spell,Read, and Write for phonics and all the children have learned to read with that program.I will use it for Emma to. The only thing is math is hard to find a good program for. I think its also that I don't like to teach math. LOL Dh does some of the higher math with the children. I am redoing a few things at the moment for two of my children. I also enrolled us all in the new Ron Paul curriculum. Have you heard about it? I am excited to see what its going to be like. The parents still have to do all the teaching but you get a ton of support and online tutoring help. It's all free.
What do you use?
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