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April 23rd, 2013, 05:21 PM
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I hope what I am going to say doesn't come across as mean and hateful but.....

As a nanny and not the parent you really don't get a say or opinion on how they feed their children. I understand that you are coming from a loving place but put the shoe on the other foot. Would you like them to come into your home and tell you exactly what you should be feeding your kids and how to clean your home according to their standards (or lack thereof!)? To you it might be dirty but to them it might just be how they live. I personally wouldn't live like that but I don't get to have an opinion on how other people live and eat. I find my son the best food I can find 90% of the time but every once in awhile we eat like crap for a week because I am honestly tired of cooking.

If it bothers you that much can you change your perspective and talk to the mom and spin it in that you know they are busy and you wouldn't mind taking over grocery shopping and meal making for the family? Maybe negotiate a bit more pay to take over these tasks to make it worth your while. At least in this way the mom won't be so defensive and feel like you are calling her a bad parent because trust me I wouldn't be very nice to someone who I felt was judging me as a parent.

Again I see where you are coming from but that is the beauty of living where we live.....we all have the freedom to raise and feed our children what ever we choose. There is no law that says you have to feed your children a certain way. I'd say if you are up for it do as I suggested above at least that might help get better food in the children!

Those are my thoughts....

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