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April 23rd, 2013, 06:55 PM
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Ok I feel I might need to clarify what I said.. I don't necessarily like generic, but at the same time I VERY much identify my children with the groups I participated in during their pregnancy and so still even though my son is four I call him a sugar baby and he loves it, my daughter is two and I call her my cutie pie and she doesnt' get it, but I identify with them... and while yes pumpkins are overdone and I think I actually suggested at least something similar to the pumpkin patch thing I don't like pirates or fairies or pixies or whatever much at all... and I think the only reason I didn't go with fall wonderland is because I like someone else don't really get what that means...and how to identify my baby with that...
Is the child a fall wonderland? is the environment the baby is born in a fall wonderland? do you follow what I mean? where as my grandfather called me a pumpkin and it was endearing and memorable...
I have a friend who pretended to be a pirate and said 'argh' and it was hilarious, but now when I think of priates I think of a curly frizzy haird slightly overweight teen age boy.... (even though he isn't a teen anymore)... word association is pretty big to me. and Tinker bell is spoiled and/or mean (depending on what show you watch)
I'll obviously get over it if a name is chosen that isn't my favorite, but I love thinking of my october baby as a little pumpkin when I already have a Thanksgiving pie, and a stocking stuffing treat in my collection of kids.
My crying or not crying shouldln't effect how you guys feel though, that wasn't my intent, but rather just to say how I felt about it.
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