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April 23rd, 2013, 07:43 PM
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5 DPO. Haven't even thought much about it... so that's nice! It definitely makes the 2WW go faster!!!

We have 3 weeks until summer vacation, and I'm SO excited! I should be O'ing the weekend that school gets out, so DH & I are going to plan a weekend get away. Hole ourselves up in a hotel suite and get our BD on. I think because we have this plan, I'm ok feeling that in 7-ish days, AF will be here -- no BFP this month. I hope this peaceful feeling stays with me.

DH has his physical in the next month and will ask about what he can do in our journey. He's been on anti-anxiety meds and we didn't know until recently that it can cause low sperm count.

Then in May, I'll go in for my pap and start talking about the fact that we are actively TTC. We're approaching 6 months being off of BC and I want to know what to watch for in the next 6 months in case we need to seek medical assistance, ya know?

In weight loss news... I've been looking into doing weight watchers online. Anyone have any experience/heard anything?
Also, trying the brown seaweed has kind of been a bust. It was supposed to boost metabolism, which I think it totally did. The problem was that since the topamax took away my appetite, the brown seaweed seems to have brought it back. I have about a weeks supply left, so I'll keep taking it, and then stop.

I've been reflecting the last two days on how lucky I am to be part of this community. I've been selfish and haven't sat down to adequately reply and show everyone how much I care. So I'll try to be better at that... and until then... I CARE ABOUT YOU ALL!!!! <3
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