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April 23rd, 2013, 08:10 PM
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Have you discussed this with your midwife? My course of action would differ depending on the Dr/Midwife's protocol and view of the situation. Baring no meconium or fever - If they are going to instantly put me on a clock and push pit, then I'd have to second Ashlee on staying home up to 12ish hours (if I lasted that long) and then fudging the truth when I got to the hospital; knowing they are likely to want to keep me in a 24 hour window.

I respect that the 24 hour window is advisable for a reason. Statistically your chance of fever/infection do go up after that time. My problem is when the care-provider starts pushing augmentation at the 12 hour mark, because they want to make sure you have delivered *by* 24 hours. Most moms need more time than 12 hours, yet if allowed to progress naturally there is a really good chance that they will deliver by (or around) 24 hours all on their own.

Of course there are safety measures they should take if your water has broken, such as fewer vaginal exams (you have the right to refuse as many of these as you wish) to decrease chance of infection. So it is important that the hospital staff know about the water breaking upon your arrival. How long you tell them it's been broken for is up to you

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