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April 23rd, 2013, 09:53 PM
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Thank you for this topic!!!

I'm not even pregnant yet and I want to scream. How often in real life does anyone say anything positive about birth!?! Way to go NinjaCakes with you STFU, because that's what I want to say to *everyone*!

How about this: "Thank you for pointing out to me that a human being has never left my body through my vagina! I appreciate the info, but I would have noticed, I think. Just because you had one (of the nearly seven billion) birth, does not mean you are an expert on every possible birth scenario and example in the world! So leave me alone and shut the f*^% up!"

Would you believe that I've discussed birth choices once in life with one wonderful woman (two unmediated births) and never other than that? People are so opinionated and they need to leave me alone!

I've always said I just wish that I could become pregnant and then disappear until my baby was about six weeks old. I have faith in myself but the fact that everyone around me is so negative is what scares me.

Thanks ladies!
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