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April 23rd, 2013, 10:01 PM
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I really dont know what else to try with our diapers. My daughter has been having major rash problems lately. Its been about 2 months now that she constantly has a bright red butt whenever she is in her cloth diapers. If I continue to use them she will get open wounds and scabs in a day of use. The diapers smell and look clean out of the dryer, BUT out of the washer they dont smell good (more of a poo smell than a urine/ammonia smell). Then as soon as she pees on them they smell like ammonia or urine depending on the diaper.

I wash with hot water. I had to play around with my HE to get it to actually put real hot water in there but ive fixed that part. I switched from Charlies soap to Rockin Green Motley clean (for regular water as we dont have hard or soft water here). I tried bleach, that helped get rid of the smell at the time but didnt stop the rash and they started to smell again the next wash (i think maybe the bleach smell just covered the smell before). I tried hanging them in the sun, it made them smell really nice that time but as soon as she peed the smell was back and the rash was back. I tried RLR stripping them and that again made them smell better and look brighter but didnt stop the rash and the smell came back immediately.

I have mostly BG Elementals which are organic cotton. I also have a rumparooz which has fleece lining (i stuff with a prefold), unbleached prefolds, bleached cotton flats, hemp/cotton inserts, bamboo inserts. They ALL cause this rash!

We've been using disposables because the only thing that clears up the rash is to cake on the Bordeaux butt paste at all times. It helps heal it but if i ever stop using the butt paste even in the disposable the rash comes back pretty quickly. I put a BGE on her today for a couple of hours and when I changed her, her butt was bright red and it was nearly dry in the diaper.

I dont know what else to try. I talked to her doctor and she said its common and gave me a prescription for some antibiotic cream which I didnt like the idea of but since its been going on for months I thought we would try it and it is not helping and since im using that instead of the butt paste the rash is getting worse. I stopped using it and put the butt paste back on.

Any ideas?? It doesnt seem to coincide with anything she is eating. The only thing she eats on a daily basis is breastmilk and water. She has been breastfeeding since birth and i havent changed my diet. She has been in cloth full time since 3 mo old (part time before that because of fit problems). The detergent was always the same until i recently switched because of the rash. I would really appreciate any ideas. I REALLY dont want to keep her in disposables with butt paste on her for any longer
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