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April 24th, 2013, 05:50 AM
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I DESPISE laundry and it shows - clothes are piled up big time! I do have back problems and just generally don't feel well some days, but that's not even the reason for this - I'm a SAHM for now and have days where I feel just fine. The clothes are on the second floor of my house while the washer/dryer is in the basement - I hate running up and down all of these steps with the clothes. I get frustrated trying to find places to put things (everyone here seems to enjoy hoarding clothes). *sigh* I have to get a grip on this somehow because there's a new baby coming, which means lots of extra laundry.

I don't care for housekeeping in general, but it's not that I'm lazy; it seems to be more because I'm not organized. I'm no good at coming up with creative, yet attractive ways to store things, so things are everywhere...I love the shows on HGTV where the houses are all beautiful and perfectly organized - I want mine to be like that, but lack the ability to do it.

Your turn!

What chore do you hate the most? How do you motivate yourself into getting it done anyway?
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