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April 24th, 2013, 07:07 AM
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Moms of both genders... did you feel your pregnancy was harder with one than the other?

I loved being pregnant with Chase! It was an easy pregnancy, weight gain was very slow (gained 22 lbs total by the end of pregnancy), no stretch marks until the end of pregnancy (like only 2-3 weeks prior to birth), good moods, etc. I had some minor issues (sciatica mainly), but overall it was a good pregnancy.

This pregnancy is... totally different. I've felt sick and tired almost every day I think. Already suffering from shortness of breath, horrible heartburn, dizziness, exhaustion. I already FEEL gigantic! Weight gain is much faster, and I'm much bigger at this point than I was with Chase. And the stretch marks started about a month ago. I have a slight wheeze for like a month and no idea why...

Yesterday I was laying in bed with the heart burn darn near feeling like it was going to kill me and for the first time I thought, "I cannot WAIT to not be pregnant." I genuinely enjoyed being pregnant with Chase and this time it's just not the same. I'm really not enjoying it anymore and it's WAY too early to feel this way I think!

DH says it's because she's a girl and a few others have told me that girl pregnancies are worse. Just wondering if anyone else felt/feels the same?

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