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April 24th, 2013, 07:37 AM
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I wil be talking to my sons school about this.

I should start homeschooling if thats the case. Or opt out.
I totally agree with you. Especially since more schools are starting to make it so you can't opt out. It would be one thing if they just gave the definition of it, but to tell children this is normal and acceptable (and not a sin) when that goes against their religious beliefs is unacceptable. I am not one to discriminate, and if I saw someone who was gay being mistreated, I would be the first to step in and stop it. BUT, that does not mean I have to think homosexuality is okay. I am a big believer in love the sinner, hate the sin. NO ONE should be mistreated.

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I honestly don't know what the sex ed program here is. I'm not even sure if you can opt your kids out here anymore.

We are homeschooling (and I was homeschooled k through 12)! Rebecca is doing Horizons Preschool right now, but we are currently working (slooooooowly) on Christian Liberty Press' Adventures in Phonics and their kinder penmanship "In the Beginning" as well. She was begging for more and to learn to read, so that worked (it's very cost effective). We'll be using Ambleside Online along with Horizons Math and CLP phonics and penmanship in the fall. Elias is doing ABeka Nursery (because he begs for school too). Esther will do ABeka nursery stuff most likely and then the Horizons/CLP/AO stuff like the other two will do. Rebecca isn't technically kinder age until next year though, even though her 5th birthday is in November, so we aren't *officially* (in the legal aspect) homeschooling until the 2014-15 school year.
How exciting that there are so many homeschoolers! I had no idea!

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I hope they do! I don't necessarily want my kids to learn about sex at school at a young age but I certainly want them to know that relationships comes in many shapes and forms. Many of our friends are same sex couples with children and I would hate my boys to think there was anything abnormal about a loving relationship between two men or two women. I also want to send the message early on that my boys can have relationships with whoever they want - girls or boys. When we talk about marriage we always talk about it in terms of there being choice and we don't just present the heterosexual option.

Thankfully gay marriage is now legal in Maine. My very good friend just married her long term partner and they had a sweet baby a month ago.
This is my thing... you can have your opinion on the matter, no one is arguing that. I just don't understand why the schools have to get involved in it. This is a religious matter for a lot of people. Schools should 100% teach that it is not okay to bully or mistreat someone, but that's as far as they should go. I think because it's such a controversial topic, it needs to stay out of the schools. Schools should not be able to force feed someone's child ideas on such a matter.

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