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April 24th, 2013, 08:04 AM
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I'll just quote my 10yr old daughter here, since she is the Grand daughter of TWO grandma's.

"JillMama, did you see the news about if Grandma's can get married?" Yes. "Why can't they get married? Shouldn't people be able to marry the people they love?" I said " I think so, you are living through a very important part of history right now, it wasn't long ago that African American's and white's couldn't marry. It also wasn't very long ago that women couldn't vote" (look of surprised horror on her face) "REALLY?" "Yup, it seems crazy now right? hopefully in the next few years it will also seem crazy that Grandma's can't marry too"

Jinnah, you're in a bi racial relationship, right? Do you think it's ok that if you had lived just a short time ago that you and your husband's relationship not only wouldn't have been accepted, but that you couldn't legally marry the person you love?

That being said, I am obviously all for schools talking about same sex couples in the same way the talk about a man and woman.

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