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April 24th, 2013, 08:33 AM
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I just wanted to add that I do not want to argue with anyone. I understand that we all have differing opinions. The reason I posted this question was to help me decide if I should send my kids to public school, next year, or continue homeschooling.

I obviously have the right decide what my children are exposed to, and I do not want them told it is okay. This does not make me a homophobe. My uncle is gay and I love him. We get along very well. He knows what we believe. We are still family.

My concern is that Christians are the ones who are going to be discriminated against next. Well, Christians are always persecuted, but in this country it hasn't been so bad. I think it's going to be, soon. The second certain individuals hear what I believe, I am immediately labeled as an ignorant, uneducated, bigot. That is so far from the truth. I am very educated, and come from a very educated family. We are not bigots (that would be impossible), nor are we ignorant. Christians are starting to be told that their rights do not matter. Our rights to not have our children force fed differing beliefs are now being dismissed. We should not be forced to accept something against our religion. I've been mistreated and insulted because of my religion quite a bit, lately. The people who are crying for equal rights are trying to take rights away from Christians. They are the ones mistreating people!

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