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April 24th, 2013, 08:47 AM
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My grandfolks were upholsterers, and so I'm sort of a furniture snob. (We were poor, but we always had good furniture).

Anyway, I'm just stating my biases before I tell you not to get the Ikea crib lol. Ikea's stuff looks nice, and I even have a thing or two from them in my place, but I can't imagine putting my most precious 9-months-to-make child in a crib from them knowing how loose and rickety much of their furniture gets after even a short period of light use. Their stuff is also really light weight a lot of the time, which makes me uncomfortable too. If it's supposed to support body weight, I want to feel some heft to it.

Maybe their cribs are different (they do have to meet standards after all), but I cringe at the thought of using one. ... but that's just me.

I'm not familiar with the other maker, but it's a lovely crib - is it a price point you're going for or would you consider a wider variety of styles? I ask not to throw a wrench in your gears but because there are a lot of really nice, barely used cribs on craigslist. I might be going that route, depending on what I find.

You're doing good - either way.

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