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April 24th, 2013, 08:57 AM
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My parents are fairly conservative and had me skip out of the sex education class in 8th grade at a very liberal school outside of Boston. It was really embarrassing actually, I was the only one that had to leave the classroom. But when I got to high school and was part of the sex ed class, I could understand my mom's horror about it all. It was really explicit, they went in to some detail about homosexual sex and how to be safe in having homosexual sex and it was a bit over the top. I know in the lower levels the sex ed classes are great because they are more about tolerance and acceptance, I think some of the upper level sex ed classes make a bad impression on conservatives and have them thinking that those things are also being shared with the younger crowd.

I can see both points really, having been raised the way I was. All that to say, I am extremely open minded and supportive of gay marriage and homosexual relationships despite the fact that my parents tried to shelter me from it and are not as supportive of the lifestyle as I am.
That is very fair, Kristen. I do know that my children are going to make up their own minds on the matter. As some like to suggest Christians are doing, we are not putting our children in a bubble. They know what it is. They have been taught, by me, that they are to treat all people with kindness. They have also been taught that we are to follow God's laws, not mans. I can give them a foundation and they will have to decide for themselves. I do not have to let my children be exposed to what you shared above. I am not wrong for that.