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April 24th, 2013, 09:10 AM
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I am SO DISCOURAGED..I was diagnosed PCOS back in September, I am still breastfeeding my 23 month old baby boy… I started taking met since February, when we started TTCing….and since I haven’t even got a period yet, and I’m 37, I went to a specialist in PCOS…because of how important this issue is for me, I went to the ‘top specialist’. I mean, I spend over US$100 just for the appointment! And do you know what she said to me???
“Stop breastfeeding! Enough! 2 years is too much….and overweight as you are??? NO WAY you’re gonna get pregnant! You have to stop breastfeeding and lose weight. You won’t get pregnant like that, and if you do, you *WILL* miscarriage. You’re too overweight”. Just like that. I looked at her, and told her that I felt that my hormones were all over the place, that I wanted her to take blood tests and check me up so she could tell me how to get them back on track, and she said ‘but stop breastfeeding! That will alter all your results’.
So, I told her that when I got pregnant with my first son (and only) I was only 5 pounds lighter than now, and she told me “Yes, but you’re older now”, “you HAVE to change, nobody gets pregnant by the Holy Spirit, you know?”
I was devastated…does this mean that I will never conceive again??? I know I have to lose weight, I know that stop breastfeeding would help me, but doctor made it look so impossible, or at least sooooo far away….and the clock is ticking, I’m not getting any younger….argh….
Do you know any cases of women like me who got pregnant anyway? I need something that gives me hope!
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