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April 24th, 2013, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by GranolaMama View Post
Lately I'm most concerned for the postpartum moms I see who are out and about doing *way* too much too soon! I wish our society valued and respected pp moms more... and that pp moms respected themselves enough to take advantage of help and REST! Instead we have this underlying feeling that we have to "keep up with the Jones" and not let having a baby "slow us down". IT SHOULD slow us down! For a few weeks at least! and I cringe every time I see an itty bitty newborn in walmart. I understand that some people don't have any other option and we all need groceries, but that's just my point! Why isn't someone else offering to go grocery shopping for her and/or bring her meals?
Oh this too! This bugs the mess out of me! I recently had a friend ride in a horse show 12days PP.. And she totally said it a million times to make sure everyone knew! And I really wanted to be like "REALLY! You are going to take your brand new baby out in the cold at 4am in the morning and be at a horse show at least all morning... And have grandma watch the baby while you get your horse ready and ride.. !? Plus you might be feeling good but YOUR body needs to heal!" ... I get it, horses are her life... But hello! BRAND NEW BABY should take priority at least in MY opinion!
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