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April 24th, 2013, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by bostoncreampie View Post
From my experience with my mother, it was also about her wanting to be the one having conversations about masterbation, protection, etc rather than some random public school health teacher. Wherever you stand on the spectrum, I sort of agree in that respect.

And I do think that in some schools now, it's become more than teaching equality and respect and doesn't just include how babies are made but how two men have sex with full details and I can understand that not sitting well when you come from a religious home. I don't think the discomfort with it necessarily has to do with being a bigot, etc.
I wouldn't feel comfortable with school teachers teaching how ANYONE has sex. I didn't know they did this, it was not taught to us in school. We learned basics, STD pregnancy etc, but never how an actual sexual act is played out. I do feel like its a parents job to discuss this if they choose to. But I 100% am ok with them teaching kids that its a FACT OF LIFE that homosexuality exists.

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