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April 24th, 2013, 11:05 AM
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Want to throw in something here... In my classroom I purposely ordered books on blended families, bi-racial families, adopted children, foster, children with two mommies/daddies, books in Spanish (I live in So California), children in wheel chairs, children in a single parent home because I had a very diverse group of students every year. It was not uncommon for me to have a student with two mommies. I felt it was important for my students to see themselves represented in books, to see their types of families in books, not just the average joe families. It was important to me and my job as a human being to let my students know they were not abnormal for having two mommies, or for being bi-racial, etc. The public school system is full of students who are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Baptist, children with a disability, children who dont speak English, children who are adopted, and children with two mommys/daddys. That's the wonderful thing about public school...children learn to accept people just as they are, people not just like them. Just a little insight as to why public schools do the things they do I homeschooled my daughter when she was in the 6th grade because she was bullied far worse than her picking up a picture book that happened to show a happy family all cooking dinner together and the child telling his two mommys that he loves them.