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April 24th, 2013, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by bostoncreampie View Post
From my experience with my mother, it was also about her wanting to be the one having conversations about masterbation, protection, etc rather than some random public school health teacher. Wherever you stand on the spectrum, I sort of agree in that respect.
Yes. This is my issue with the direction sex ed is going in schools. I feel like the best possible way for children to learn about their sexuality and everything related to it is through open conversations with their parents. I would much rather the conversations happen organically in the home than be forced on a child potentially before they are ready for the information. By adopting a curriculum that starts in KINDERGARTEN, I feel like it discourages a lot of families from taking responsibility for those conversations, and it assumes that at X age, this is what EVERY child wants and needs to know. Obviously basic sex ed needs to happen by age 8-9 since that is statistically when puberty is starting for many. I have no problem with an adopted sex ed curriculum in the older grades, as we all know there are some less than stellar parents out there who will NOT talk about this stuff with their kids. As for same sex relationships being discussed in school, I don't have a problem with it being talked about in a factual way. 10% of the population is gay. Always has been. To relay that knowledge doesn't bother me. What bothers me is when EITHER side (conservative or liberal) tries to add morality to the discussion in a public school setting. Say that marriage can be between any two people who love each other if you're in a state that allows gay marriage, say that some people prefer heterosexual and some people prefer homosexual relationships. But leave the interpretation of those facts to the individual families.

I actually have a classroom story about homosexuality... I was reading a biography about Tchaikovsky to a third grade class. It had a page where it said he left his wife because he no longer wanted to be married. That was all it said. One of the students raised her hand with a confused look on her face and said, "But why didn't he want to be with his wife anymore?" I responded, "Well, because Tchaikovsky decided that he liked being with men instead of women." Guess whose mama called the principal FURIOUS after her daughter came home saying we were talking about a gay guy in music class? Fortunately my principal had my back. This is the kind of organic conversation I am talking about... so much better than sitting kids down as a class with a text book and force feeding them information.
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