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April 24th, 2013, 11:18 AM
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Summderdays, I bet you are a wonderful teacher.

The fact is that many, many parents don't teach their kids the basics around sex, STDS, pregnancies, etc., and that is a real problem. I don't necessarily want my kids to learn about sex in school before I talk with them, but at the same time I do want them to learn about other ways of living.

How would people feel if I said I didn't like a certain racial group - that I though they (or their culture) were wrong, but I wouldn't be openly hostile towards them? It would be viewed as racist and hateful - as it should be.

There are many mamas in this group who might be gay, bi, etc., or who might have same-sex parents, relatives, etc.. I am not going to lie, I feel really sad that people still think it's okay, in the year 2013, to say that homosexuality is wrong. I'm sorry, I cannot respect that, like I cannot respect racism, or other forms of hatred.

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