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April 24th, 2013, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by jeweluv View Post
" Hebrews 11. All of them acted by faith, then in verse 11 Sara just believed through faith. " I think I act by faith, not believe by faith. When the cards are down or I am anxious, I pray and turn to scripture. I try to live as GOD encourages us to. These are all actions of faith, not true belief. I do them because I want to feel the "right" way but my mind gets in the way..............thus, I feel I am only left to show GOD my faith through my this wrong?

What if someone wants to believe, lives a life seeking and trying to, but can't get his/her feelings "straight?" This seems scary......they will go to Hell even though they spent their life trying to get their feelings right............simply because they did not truly believe. How do you choose to believe something? Believing in something just happens. All we can do is choose to invest the time in the bible which will help with I do, and yet there is no guarantee

Found this comment online "We feed on Jesus by reading and studying His Word and then by putting it into practice, which shows we believe. We pray to God, by way of Jesus with faith, believing that we receive Grace by what we believe"
Erica, I think there are times we're required to show our faith through our actions but also I think there are times that we must stand still and have faith that what God has promised us (as in Sarah's case) will come to pass...God doesn't need our help at any time so sometimes it's a matter of just believing and standing still and letting God move....then again, sometimes actions are required and can be considered a test to see if we will step out in faith...... I pray all the time for God to help me know when to stand still and let Him move, and if I am to step out and act or do something that God will let me feel His hand of guidance and direction........

I have faith and believe Jesus died for us, that God sent His only son to bear our sins so we can have life eternal. Do I fully understand everything, No! How can I when I am a sinful human? I can't even fathom a lot of earthly things so I accept that I can never understand all Heavenly things. But I do have faith. I realize God has allowed me to go through many hard times so that my faith can be increased. How could I have a testimony without a test, how can I have faith if I hadn't had trials where I've had no choice but to lean on God? I've proven Him time and again.
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