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April 24th, 2013, 12:58 PM
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May 2013 Official Birth List!! Our babies have arrived

Here we go....

April 4th:
Grayden "Grady" James (Son to: NewlyMrs)
6lbs; 20in long

April 16th:
Avery Noelle (Daughter to: misty3281)
5lbs; 18in long

April 17th:
Kynsleigh Ella (Daughter to: WantingAnother)
6lbs, 6oz; 18in long

April 22nd:
Wyatt James (Son to: kurly)
6lbs, 11oz; 20in long

April 24th:
Johnathan "Johnny" James (Son to: Sweet_Mama)
6lbs, 5oz; 20in long

November Sofia Rose (Daughter to: commonmama)
7lbs, 2oz;

April 25th:
Quinn (Daughter to: hangaroo81)
6lbs, 5oz; 18.5in long

April 26th:
Caroline (Daughter to: markswife)
7lbs, 20.75in long

April 29th:
Samuel "Sam" Thomas (Son to: Purrrrrr)
5lbs, 13oz; 19.75in long

Grace (Daughter to: Counting our Blessings)
6lbs, 6oz; 19in long

April 30th:
Joshua Zak Orion (Son to: jl046100)
7lbs, 11oz;

Remy (Son to: jcperez)
7lbs, 2oz; 19.75in long

May 1st:
Tilly Moon (Daughter to: Liztastic)
10lbs, 3oz; 21in long

Koa Ryan (Son to: Skimboardin Mama)
7lbs, 4oz; 18in long

Brock Thomas (Son to: Mrsbowbin)
7lbs, 9oz; 21in long

May 2nd:
Alexis "Lexi" Margaret (Daughter to: kary4)
7lbs, 6oz; 20in long

May 3rd:
Thomas James (Son to: mrsjl)
7lbs, 12oz; 19.75in long

May 4th:
Carter Joseph (Son to: Kenzie)
7lbs, 15oz; 20.5in long

May 7th:
Silas Nels Weaver (Son to: branbran543)

Kaeldra Mae (Daughter to: Shufu_in_Shunan)
7lbs, 7.8oz; 19.7in long

Moses Fernando (Son to: selenamdz)
8lbs, 2oz; 22in long

May 8th:
Aubrey Kate (Daughter to: miss britt)
8lbs, 3oz; 20in long

May 9th:
Sophia (Daughter to: Rhonda66)
7lbs, 6oz; 19.75in long

Kaia Madison (Daughter to: Sapphera)
6lbs, 8oz; 19in long

Josephine AnnaLee (Daughter to: ashj_1218)
7lbs; 21in long

Mason James (Son to: TeeCee)
6lbs, 5oz; 18in long

"Baby boy" (Son to: wiiblii)
8lbs, 21.25in long

May 10:
Kody Braden (Son to: Everyday Joy)
7lbs; 19in long

Jackson Ray (Son to: jowen)
8lbs, 9oz; 22in long

Serephina Nova (Daughter to: SerenityandWilliamMommy22)
7lbs, 14oz;

May 11th:
Michael Nikolaevich "Misha" (Son to: rheaimedved)
9lbs, 7oz; 22.5in long

May 13th:
Owen Westley (Son to: LolaBadola)
7lbs, 1oz; 19in long

Roman Jude (Son to: Memi)
8lbs, 7oz; 20in long

Chloe Elizabeth (Daughter to: SweetPea24)
7lbs, 11oz; 19in long

May 14th:
Clara Marie (Daughter to: bcogoli)
5lbs, 10oz; 17in long

Brian (Son to: realmom)
10lbs, 4oz; 20.86in long

Judson Malachi (Son to: lovingmyfamily8)
8lbs, 9oz; 20.5in long

May 17th:
Tristan Hammond (Son to: mommaerin)
9lbs; 22in long

Elise Fay (Daughter to: pressedfairie)
6lbs, 13.5oz; 19.75in long

Jayden Anthony (Son to: ShannonM)

May 18th:
Arthur Frank (Son to: crunchywannabe)
8lbs, 8oz; 20.25in long

Cadence Ashley (Daughter to: 4 boys)
8lbs, 9oz; 19.75in long

Anna (Daughter to: bluesparkles)
6lbs, 7oz; 19in long

May 20th:
Chase Anthony (Son to: Elly M.)
9lbs, 3oz; 22in long

Lilah Katherine (Daughter to: Erin80)
8lbs, 3oz; 20.5in long

May 21st:
Sera Gabrielle (Daughter to: Ryan and Alex's Mommy)
8lbs, 3oz; 20.5in long

Maurizio Joaquin (Son to: Ecosole)
6lbs, 12oz; 19in long

May 22nd:
Peyton Aria (Daughter to: Themrs0523)
7lbs, 1oz; 20in long

May 23rd:
Mackenzie (Daughter to: KnJ'sMomma727)
8lbs, 9oz; 20in long

Anna (Daughter to: MrsLisaT)
8lbs, 4oz; 19.25in long

May 27th:
Tiago(Son to: MichelleLynn)

May 28th:
Carter Atlas Cole (Son to: MrsNHigh)
9lbs, 3oz;

Claire (Daughter to: LabLover13)
8lbs, 1oz; 20.5in long

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