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April 24th, 2013, 01:19 PM
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8 months & 15 days old

I can't believe it's been 12 days since I updated! So much for writing more consistently.

Jack is doing so well with SIL. He is also going through a growth spurt right now and wants to eat all the time. I can see and feel such a big difference in him in just the past two weeks. He's making up for that weight loss when he was in daycare! His 9-month check-up is in less than three weeks. I'm hoping he will be back on his growth curve or at least moving in that direction.

Last week, I retired three of his 9-month sleepers that were on the smaller side. He outgrew them in length, not girth. Well, last night, I noticed that he's really filling out his larger 9-month sleepers as well. His 12-month PJs look so big though! I guess it's been that way at every transition, but I just feel like they're going to swallow him.

He started waving. Mamas of younger babies reading this, definitely make a concerted effort to wave, point, and clap your hands. I just never thought about doing it much. Within just a week of waving consistently to him, he started doing it back. It's a lovely thing to see from across the room when I leave for work each morning.

He's also made so much progress on the crawling front. He will now put himself onto his hands and knees from sitting, and he will rock back and forth. He still isn't moving forward much, mostly moving in circles and going backwards. That, combined with rolling, lunging, and pulling himself forward, seems to get him where he wants to be despite not officially crawling. I figure that since he is now putting himself into the crawling position on a very consistent basis and not complaining once he gets there, it probably won't be too much longer before he takes off.

I'm making more of an effort to sit him near the table/couch when he's playing on the floor. I want to see if he will try to pull himself to standing. He has loved pushing off with his legs since he was teeny tiny, and he bears weight really well on them. If I stand him next to the couch or table, he'll hold himself up like that without a problem. However, he's never pulled himself to standing. When I started thinking about it, though, he's never really right next to anything that would enable him to even try. When I put him awake in his crib, he pulls himself all over the place (to his knees, to his side, sitting, etc.). So perhaps given the opportunity, he'll move to pull himself to standing.

Ever since his second tooth popped through, he's been babbling a lot more than just dada. He really, really likes to enunciate the "B" sound. It's pretty darn cute to watch his mouth. He's combining a lot of sounds, too, like "Badababa. Gabadadagoo." He's quite the conversationalist.

I booked my flight for June, and my sisters are in on the surprise. My dad is going to flip out when he sees Jack for the first time.

I guess that's about it for now. I'll leave you with a few pics.


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