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April 24th, 2013, 01:29 PM
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Planned. I temped, charted from June and we started trying in August I think? But we kept missing the window for some reason...oh yeah I remember now...I was trying the Shettles method for boy & was trying to time it to the Day of ovulation. But We kept missing it for 3 cycles. Then in late Nov, early Dec we travelled to India to visit family and were so jetlagged and were staying in our BILs tiny two bedroom apt with MIL, FIL also staying with us. DTD was out of the question. Finally I got AF on Christmas eve Melissa(Soul_donut) we must have been cycle buddies and I threw Shettles method out the window and DTD everyday from when AF stopped. Bam BFP on 11DPO! I was a freak and tested with blood diluted with urine on 10DPO and got a bfp but didn't really believe it until 11 DPO when I got a true bfp with good old urine
Expecting baby girl September 29th

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