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April 24th, 2013, 01:31 PM
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I think our number would be the same...4. I just don't know that money or space is our issue. It's more time and emotional abilities that stop me from wanting more. So I think we would stick with four.

And, yes, I do think my siblings played a role in wanting a larger family. My extended family as a whole played a role...everyone has three kids and I loved the closeness, the chaos, and the support we grew up in. I wanted my kids to have that opportunity as well.

Adoption is not something we are interested in. I know my limits and I am not sure I am cut out to the task of taking on a child with unknown/deep emotional issues, as we would only consider adopting an older child in need, not an infant. It's a very impressive thing to do and I have nothing but respect for those who foster and adopt children. I just don't think I am fit for it, sadly.
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