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April 24th, 2013, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Mountain Momma View Post
Have you tried stripping your diapers. I use Rockin Green soap to wash with and they also make a product called Funk Rock that helps you strip the amonia build-up out. Once a month I feel the bathtub at night with the hotest water I can get and let all my diapers (covers and liners) soak overnight. In the morning I do a quick rinse cycle in our front load HE machine and then do an extended wash with an extra rinse. I also throw 2 old beach towels in each load to make the machine use more water. I can tell a big difference in the diapers smell after stripping them. Hope this helps, red butt is no fun!
thank you.
I have only tried stripping using the RLR so far. I will look for Funk Rock. I hadnt even thought about using the bathtub for soaking. I have a HE top loader and it will drain if left to soak more than 30mins. Last time I soaked and i had to keep running back to the machine every 30mins to reset the soak time so that it wouldnt drain, i really prefer to soak overnight, i cant believe I didnt think of just putting it in the bathtub. Thanks
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