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April 24th, 2013, 01:42 PM
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I love reading about all our beginings! Even the ones that took at little getting used to.

My hubby and I had been trying for about 18 months. We got pregnant a month into it, long ago without any help but lost it 9 weeks in. It then took us about a year to get pregnant again..that one to ended, but this time super quick. Then we were still having trouble and clomid was not working with just a regular OB so we moved to a RE. She helped us again quick with Famera and timed intercourse. We lost that one too. It was Dec 8 and we were about 9 weeks in again. We were going to keep trying, but I needed to have a regualr unmedicated cycle so I was waiting and waiting and never came. I called the doc and said AF was still not here (mid Jan)...she asked me to come in and make sure everything was out from the last MS. Everything was out and HCG was below 0. She said I would get AF in about a week since my blood work showed I had ovulated. Week later and nada...I peed on a stick and Holy moly....I was pregnant! AGAIN! It took me awhile to accept it and Im still having trouble bonding due to fear or losing another, but we have named him and I love him sooooo much. We have faith this is it.

So, this was planned, but way surprised!

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