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April 24th, 2013, 02:50 PM
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Ok mommies! I need your advice here

First off, as many of you know I have 2 other kids besides Sophia. My DD1 is turning 15 in a few weeks and my DS is 7. There is an obvious gap between all my kids so everytime I have a baby I feel like a FTM all over again and to top it all off EVERYTHING is different or the opposite as far as what they tell you to do and do not's so frustrating!

So, today was Sophia's well check-up. She is doing great! He said she is very alert and very well! Growing wonderfully nd developmentally right on track, of course she had 2 vaccines

I asked him about solids since a few threads on here came up and I also was interested in what he had to say. He tells me that I can start cereal at 4 months, he said only oatmeal and to stay away from rice cereal due to the traces of arsenic that has been present

He then said the next food was meat...and I was like , I said meat and he said yes because babies need the iron rich foods, and then next was veggies. I have a few friends that their drs have been telling them cereal now at 6 months and then veggies and fruit...meat last, so I am a little skeptical......NOW

with DD1 it was cereal at 4 months, fruit at 5 months and veggies at 6 months, and meat at 8 months. DS it was cereal at 4 months, veggies at 5 months and fruit at 6 months followed by meat......opposite!

Why is everything so different, my other 2 turned out fine so why is it the opposite!!!! I am so confused and don't know what to do!! I want to start her when she is supposed to and at my dr's recommendation but this just sounds weird to me! Now, don't get me wrong I love my pedi we have been there since DD1 was 3 years old and she is almost 15...he is a great dr and very well known in our area!!!!!

What would you all do??


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