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April 24th, 2013, 02:51 PM
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I like coffee, but am not an everyday drinker. When I do, I prefer a flavored coffee and usually will just make a Keurig...I have so many kcups, I'm trying to get through them and actually use them, not just buy a neat flavor when I see it! I do have Starbucks once in awhile, but prefer local coffee shops if I'm drinking it out. My husband is much more of a coffee snob than me. On the weekend, he strictly likes Jamaican Blue Mountain - he grinds up the beans and makes it in the French press. That's way too much work in my opinion ( and too expensive for coffee to boot!), so on weekdays he gets Folgers in the timer set drip machine LOL. Probably a bit of coffee shock for the poor guy on Monday mornings, but hey!
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